Case Studies

As we learn from practical experience and through collaborative efforts, we are collecting and sharing insights as we go.

To support organisations navigating the different tools and methodologies available, members of the Resilient Futures Investment Roundtable explored examples of resilience valuation in practice. These case studies shed light on the suitability of existing tools and resources in different decision-making contexts.

Johannesburg City Council use of SAVi assessment of disaster resilient urban planning

Johannesburg City Council used the Sustainable Asset Valuation (SAVi) tool to assess integrated with climate data to help choose a potential stormwater infrastructure solution to improve flood management in the Paterson Park Precinct, which has experienced heavy flooding. The process identified that an option which incorporated a nature-based solution with traditional grey stormwater infrastructure would generate the best social, environmental and economic outcomes.

two women sitting in a park in johannesburg

Queensland Reconstruction Authority's cost-benefit analysis of betterment projects

Betterment investments are made to build back infrastructure assets to a higher level of resilience after disasters. A cost-benefit analysis has demonstrated that avoided costs exceeded reconstruction and betterments costs faster than expected. At the Gayndah Water Supply Intake Station it is estimated that a $1.3 million investment in betterment in 2013 has so far avoided losses of over $10million.

Enabling Resilience Investment (ERI) at Port Adelaide Enfield

CSIRO, Value Advisory Partners and the University of Adelaide have been collaborating with stakeholders in Port Adelaide Enfield since December 2020 to develop potential opportunities in delivering initiatives and investment cases (in this instance coastal protection infrastructure) which would create value and reduce climate and disaster risk in the Inner and Outer Harbour areas of Port Adelaide.

AustralianSuper's climate risk assessment for investment portfolio and assets

AustralianSuper uses a combination of top-down and bottom-up assessments to understand the physical climate change risks to individual assets and across the entire portfolio of investments.